Thank you doctors for being a life saver


August 19 is the National Doctor's Day in China. We salute our doctors who are at the forefront of our fight against COVID-19. You are real idols and superheroes in our hearts.


We are now under one of the hardest times of mankind but nothing has stopped our doctors from fighting the battle. Since the outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020, they have often worked day and night and have made heroic efforts for saving people's lives. We sincerely thank all the doctors for their selfless commitment and courage.


We have equipped our devices and reagents in 70 counties to help the professionals to improve the efficiency of testing and ease their workload. Tianlongs devices have good contamination measures to protect the professionals from being infected. We hope our doctors can protect themselves well when saving lives.


-GeneMix 48 Automated Sample Processing System

complete sample tube lid opening/closing, dispensing, full automation frees professionals from repetitive and mechanical operations with high efficiency and safety.


-GeneRotex 48 Rotary Nucleic Acid Extractor

up to 1000μL sample processing volume, pooling procedures in SARS-CoV-2 diagnostic and screening testing, achieve the rapid and efficient preparation of nucleic acids from large-volume samples.


Wish all the doctors safe and a happy doctor's day!

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