Tianlong upgraded animal virus DNA/RNA rapid extraction kits is launched to the market!


In recent years, animal disease detection has gradually been attached to more importance with the outbreak of African swine fever, avian flu and other epidemics from time to time, as well as people's continuous attention to the health of their pets.


Whether it is the policy guidelines or diagnostic criteria published by the FAO or the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of China, nucleic acid testing is an important criterion for the diagnosis of animal diseases.  


Tianlong product is upgraded comprehensively


In the molecular diagnosis of animal diseases, nucleic acid extraction is an important step in the detection process, and the quality and efficiency of nucleic acid extraction directly affect the accuracy of detection results. In order to better meet the needs of animal disease prevention and control, Tianlong has comprehensively upgraded the rapid extraction reagent of animal virus DNA/RNA, which will make the result faster, simpler, more efficient and more accurate!  


The existing reagents, combined with automatic extraction equipment of Tianlong, can quickly and efficiently extract DNA/RNA of African Swine Fever virus, blue-ear pig disease, avian influenza and other viruses from nasopharyngeal swabs and environmental samples in about 10 minutes to help prevent and control animal diseases.  

Virus DNA Extraction Kit 


Tianlong product has four advantages over other products


Effort-saving Operation: pre-encapsulated and upgraded, just add samples in one step, and then place in the instrument for extraction  

System Upgrade: 400uL sample loading volume, improve the detection rate of weak positive  

Fast Extraction: high quality nucleic acid can be obtained in only 10 minutes  

Efficient and Sensitive: 100 copies/mL viral load sample can be easily extracted


The product information is as below:

Order code













5T/piece×4 pieces

Applicable sample

Nasopharyngeal swabs, environmental samples, etc

Applicable equipment

GeneRotex 96, NP968 nucleic acid extraction instrument and other similar types of instruments  

Sensitive degree


Storage condition

Storing at room temperature, valid for one year


As the lead drafter of the Chinese nucleic acid extraction reagent industry standard, Tianlong has profound technical accumulation and rich experience in epidemic prevention, and has independently developed a series of molecular diagnostic equipment and supporting kits. In the future, Tianlong will continue to adhere to the policy of independent innovation and continue to create first-class molecular diagnostic products for customers.  

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